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Funny Movies Ideal Primer for Group Rocketing
Water rocket groups such as schools, boys clubs and summer camps are finding the free-to-download humorous videos at AntiGravity Research Corporation's website to be a useful pre-rocketing preparation.
 The mad scientist and
his walking machine
rocket launcher  "They're our most popular downloads from the site", a spokesman for the company said.  "We originally put them together to help introduce our line of water rockets kits, but people seem to identify more strongly with the movie's mad scientist character than we thought they would."
  He says group leaders can download and save the movies on their computers and either play them directly on the monitor, or use a projection screen for larger groups.
For copyright considerations, the movies should be unmodified with all original copyright notices intact.  The movies shouldn't be used for commercial purposes.  ***

Chilliwack, BC, Canada  - A custom bottle shape manufactured by AntiGravity U14 Experimenter's
Water Rocket BottleResearch Corporation is rapidly gaining acceptance in water rocketry groups worldwide.  Designed to compete favorably with flourescent lighting tube covers (FTCs) it has a long teardrop shape, yet remains compatible with existing launchers and fin sets.
    "Reduced air friction was our top goal, as a result of what we learned on our recent world record altitude project", said company spokesman Robert Ryan.  " We plan on using this bottle for the core of our next world record rocket, expected to fly to 10,000 feet or more."
    New automated production machinery at AntiGravity's factory is expected to satisfy worldwide demand for the new streamlined shape.
"It's the ultimate experimenter's bottle", says Mr. Ryan. The bottle retains the same pressure and capacity characteristics as a typical 2-liter pop bottle, and it has an integral foam bumper nose cone. ***

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Ryder Lake Uplands, Chilliwack, B.C., Canada  -  The water rocket world changed forever on July 17, 2003 at 6:35 am, when a small carbon fiber reinforced pop bottle rocket flew to a new world altitude record in a calm and cloudless sky.  Pressurized to 1150 psi with compressed nitrogen and foamed water, the experimental single-stage water rocket World Record rocket
during high acceleration
phase of flight.carried a tiny electronic altimeter and parachute to an altitude of 1242 feet.
"We're elated and disappointed at the same time" said Ken J. Schellenberg, chief scientist at AntiGravity Research Corporation.  "The rocket met our original goal of a world record, but at the high energy levels we used, it was puzzling why it didn't go a lot higher.  Recording everything we did on video helped us to learn a lot that we can improve on for the next experimental rocket."          continued...

The three types of rockets available from AntiGravity Research now come with upgradeable features.  Options include a 6 foot long sectioned launching rod for improved directional stability, an aerodynamic teardrop bottle for extreme altitude and a 5-in-1 adapter for the much larger 2-stage Ozone Probe.  ***

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 ...World record continued
Post-flight analyses have shown air friction and nozzle inefficiency as the main altitude-limiting factors.
A37 rocket just
after parachute
deployment Thrust lasted for about four seconds, followed by a chemically-activated parachute release at apogee.  Descent rate was 15 feet per second, touching down 90 seconds after launch, 300 feet away.
A37 Experimental
pop bottle water rocket"Unlike most water rockets that use just water and air, this one used a compressible slurry of air, water and soap as its fuel, requiring a modified deLaval type nozzle with a long expansion cone."  He said the company plans to try to break their own record soon and this time expects the rocket to reach an altitude of at least 10,000 feet.  ***
Chilliwack, B.C., Canada - To meet increasing demand for group quantities of water rockets, AntiGravity Research Corporation has introduced a package of 50 of their SkyLab type rockets.  The kit comes complete with four launchers, and pictorial assembly instructions to go with each rocket.  ***
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