Most water rocket launchers are big, clunky, dangerous, complex, impressive conglomerations of metal, tubing, plexiglass, valves, O-rings, meters, connectors, screws and plywood.  They weigh about fifty billion pounds and they really boost your ego.

If you like that type of launcher, then don't get this one.  Because this one is a very simple plastic hose.  One end goes in your bicycle pump.  The other end goes in a hole in the rocket's bottle cap.  The end in the cap expands while you are pumping  it up, holding the rocket down.  When you stop pumping, the rocket stops waiting.  If you know what we mean.
Our launcher won't boost your ego.  It'll boost your pop bottle rocket.
The AntiGravity Water Rocket Launchers
Each size comes with a matching precision-cut nozzle.

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