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World Altitude Record
Experience the agony and the ecstasy of sending a rocket past all known limits, higher than anyone ever thought a pop bottle rocket could go!
Total run time 25 minutes
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Introduction to the Single Stage Rocket (archives)
If you've never seen someone climb on top of a water rocket, ascend to an altitude of forty-three feet, and then crash into a nearby pickup truck, then you haven't seen this movie!  Don't try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter.
Run time 5 minutes

Interviews with Mr. Widget
Rockets aren't all we're working on at AntiGravity.  Here are six short interviews with one of our top scientists that reveal some really bizarre technological breakthroughs that you need to know about.
Total run time 15 minutes
Part 1
Part 2

Introduction to the 2-Stage Rocket (short version, archives)
A gentle piano sonata and a pensive, typewritten narrative etched in the sky might just convince you that you absolutely must have one of our 2-stage rockets.  So be careful!
Run time 2 minutes

Night Flying
It was a dark and stormy night.  Suddenly, someone launched a water rocket!  Great suspense throughout, a dark plot, profound reversal in the middle and a smashing conclusion!
Run time 1 minute
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Introduction to Aerial Photography Rockets
It's easy and fun to send an expensive camera hundreds of feet up on a water rocket.  The trick is to get it to take the photos you want, and to come back down safely and in one piece.  You'll have some big ideas of your own after you see how we do it.
Run time 2 minutes

Introduction to the 2-Stage Rocket (long version, archives)
Two generations of rocket scientists show you how we came up with our first 2-stage water rocket.  The only movie ever that actually shows someone flying by flapping their arms.
Run time 5 minutes

A Ride on the Rocket
See what it's like to ride on the top of a water rocket.  Looking down you'll see the earth drop away, the rocket fall behind, the parachute leave it's canister and unfurl, and finally, frantic scientists running to catch the movie camera!  Many different flights and views.
Run time 2 minutes

Zero Gravity Chamber
When your name is AntiGravity, everyone asks you if zero gravity is possible.  The trouble is that they are all asking the wrong question.  They should ask if zero gravity is available as a kit, and what you can do with three seconds of it.  Excellent plot, with several ironic twists, and good character development.
Run time 35 seconds
 Assembling Your 2-Stage Rocket (archives)
An early look at how to assemble our early 2-stage rocket.  It's sure a lot easier now, what with everthing just clicking together instantly.  You'll see that our mad scientist really knows how to stick to a project.  So take a closer look at this one.  You'll want to make sure to find out what the chain saw is for.
Run time 5 minutes

The Rocket Car
A quick look at the amazing capabilities and features of AntiGravity's horizontal rocket.
Run time 2 minutes